Lawyer Fighting Charges of Drunk Driving With a Concealed Weapon

Many people in Texas like Weatherford, Fort Worth, Cleburne, Granbury, and Burleson carry concealed weapons in their cars or even open-carry weapons with CHLs. They carry their weapons legally and experience no problems—until they are arrested for other offenses, like DWI. DWI with a concealed weapon charge is serious.

Two Criminal Offenses in One

In Texas, the law says that people carrying guns may not commit criminal offenses. So, when someone with a gun is arrested, he or she can be automatically charged with two offenses: the original offense, as well as the unlawful carrying of a weapon.

The charge is serious. If you have a concealed handgun or firearm in your car, you are likely to get a second charge that is a Class A misdemeanor. The charge carries double the level of punishment that a first-time DWI would ordinarily carry.

At Lee & Wood, we take the matter seriously. Our attorneys put extensive criminal defense experience to work, acting strategically to get the best possible results for you. We can answer your questions and help you take effective action after a weapons offense related to a DWI.

Prepared to Handle Even the Most Serious Weapon Charges

Our law firm combines the work of two experienced criminal defense attorneys, including a former prosecutor. Between us, we have handled hundreds of trials. We have a professional reputation for achieving the best possible results. Prosecutors know that we are complete, thorough and willing to go to trial if necessary to protect our clients’ rights and freedom. That’s why they are often willing to negotiate settlements with us.

If You Were Accused of DWI With a Concealed Handgun, Call ASAP

If you were arrested for the unlawful carrying of a weapon while driving intoxicated, you need legal help. The lawyers at Lee & Wood can answer your questions, explain your options and stand up for you in Texas courts. To get started, contact our office at 817-596-3866 for a free and confidential consultation. From our location in Fort Worth, we serve clients in Weatherford, Cleburne, Granbury, Burleson, and Fort Worth .