Experienced Lawyers Helping Young Offenders Move Forward

People make mistakes. They sometimes don’t realize how their choices could harm them until it’s too late and they face legal trouble. This is especially true of teenagers and young adults. Sometimes they simply find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Other times, they get caught up in something that is over their heads.

At Lee & Wood you’ll find a team of lawyers who won’t judge you for getting in trouble. We’ll fight for you to help give you the best possible chance at a bright future. If you want to protect your rights and your freedom, if you want to put the past behind you, you are in the right place.

One of our criminal law attorneys, Chad Lee, is a former juvenile prosecutor in Tarrant County, as well as an experienced criminal defense attorney. Chad knows juvenile justice issues from both sides of the courtroom and has the insight necessary to achieve the best possible results in these complex cases.

Putting the Past Behind You: Why It’s Important

Criminal histories can affect young people even more than older adults. When a high school or college student gets in legal trouble, he or she loses out on key opportunities that can color an entire career—and life. Young people with criminal records often have trouble securing student or small business loans, finding jobs or pursuing educational opportunities. Over time, these lost opportunities add up.

Our goal is always to do everything possible within the bounds of the law to minimize the impact of criminal charges. We focus on avoiding a conviction, whether that means negotiating with prosecutors to get charges dropped or taking cases to trial.

Texas’ Juvenile Justice System

In Texas, people who are 17 years and older can be charged in the adult justice system. People younger than 17 fall into the juvenile system. Young people most commonly face charges related to:

What to Do If Your Child Is In Custody

If your child is in custody, contact us as quickly as possible. We can answer parents’ questions and set up a detention hearing. At the hearing, the court will determine whether your child will be allowed back into the community or will remain detained until the case is resolved. We can advocate for your child to help bring him or her home to you. Over the years, we have had a great deal of success getting kids back home with their families.

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