Decatur Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’re facing criminal charges in Wise County, Texas, a lot is at stake. You could lose your liberty. You could be facing heavy fines. Depending on the charges against you, you could lose your right to own a firearm or to hold a drivers’ license. Choose a law firm that focuses exclusively on criminal law. Contact Lee and Wood, LP: 817-596-3866. Our Decatur criminal defense lawyers have decades of trial court experience. We’ve seen it all and we’ve provided our clients with a strong defense in every case.

We know that good people sometimes make bad choices. We’re here to help you get through difficult times so that you and your family can move forward with your life.

  • Attorney Jerry Wood has been defending the rights of Texans accused of crimes for 35 years. He’s taken more than 100 cases to trial.
  • Attorney Chad Lee is a former prosecutor, now defense attorney. He knows the ins and outs of every kind of criminal case from both sides of the aisle.

Defense Against All Charges in Wise County Criminal Courts

Our law firm defends clients facing every kind of criminal charge in state courts, appeals courts, and juvenile courts in Wise County, including the Wise County Court in Bridgeport and Wise County Court in Decatur.

DWI and Drug Charges

Highway 287 runs from Oklahoma to Dallas-Fort Worth, right through Alvord, Decatur, and Rhome. Every day people get pulled over by zealous highway patrol officers for vehicle or moving violations and end up getting charged with DWI, or drug possession for the newest Texas drug crime – possession of THC, wax, oil, edibles, or cannabis compounds. Medical marijuana is legal in Oklahoma, but it’s not in Texas, even if you have a doctor’s prescription. Call our law office if you’ve been arrested for possession of THC.

Juvenile Criminal Defense

We’ve seen how the wrong friends or circumstances can get juveniles into big trouble. We defend juveniles in juvenile and adult criminal courts for charges like underage drinking, drug possession and sales, fighting (assault), shoplifting, vandalism, car theft, and other crimes. 

We are prepared to defend you against these and other criminal charges:

Fighting Criminal Charges in Decatur, TX

Although we are located in Fort Worth, we defend people in every community in Wise County, including Alvord, Newark, Paradise, Decatur, Rhome Bridgeport, Chico, and Boyd. 

Why do people from Wise County choose Lee and Wood? All of our clients want experience on their side in the courtroom, so they choose us because we focus exclusively on criminal cases. And some of our clients like a little distance between their criminal matter and their hometown, especially if they live in a small rural community. 

We’ll do everything we can to help you through this difficult time. Contact Lee and Wood, LP, for a free, confidential consultation. Call 817-678-6771 or complete our online contact form to schedule an appointment.