Serious Legal Representation for Sexual Assault Charges in Texas

Sexual assault charges can be highly sensitive and personal for the accused. Many people don’t want anyone to know—not even a lawyer. They believe that they can handle these matters on their own. The truth is that by the time you know about the charges against you, the evidence is already stacked in favor of the government. You should not act without legal counsel. Instead, you should immediately reach out to a well-qualified attorney.

At Lee & Wood we have the extensive experience necessary to defend these highly-sensitive sex crime charges. Our law office combines the work of two seasoned criminal defense attorneys who are driven to protect their clients’ rights.

We handle a range of assault cases, from misdemeanors to felonies, with accusations involving adults and children. Our clients come from all walks of life. We represent college students, professionals, blue collar workers, men and women. We understand that each case is different and affects the accused in a unique way.

What You Should Know About Sexual Assault Charges and Talking to the Police

People are often contacted by the police to discuss allegations of sexual assault that occurred. The police act like their friends—like the best thing they could do would be to tell their side of the story and clear their names. Unfortunately, this is not true. The police are never your friends in this situation. They are there to do a job to investigate an aledged sex crime. And, if they are talking with you, you are likely the prime suspect in their investigation.

So, what should you do if you are contacted by the police? Get legal counsel immediately, whether you know you are under investigation or if you think an investigation is on its way. If you act early, your lawyer may be better able to protect your rights. You may even be able to avoid charges altogether.

Get Legal Help. Protect Your Rights and Fight the Allegations You Face.

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