Texas Criminal Charges for Possession of THC Oil and Cannabis Concentrates 

At Lee and Wood, LP, our drug crimes defense lawyers represent clients of all ages and all walks of life who are facing criminal charges for possession of cannabis or THC concentrates:

  • High school or college students caught with a vape pen and THC oil – or just CBD
  • People using a THC patch, inhalable, or edible for medical reasons or to self-medicate anxiety
  • Folks who bought legal THC edibles or gummies for recreational purposes when on vacation and then forgot and brought them home

Attitudes toward marijuana are changing all over the country. In Oklahoma medical marijuana is legal. In New Mexico recreational marijuana becomes legal on June 29, 2021. In Colorado recreational use has been legal since 2012. 

The problem for Texans who legally purchase THC or cannabis concentrates in other states –

whether in their inhaled form (BHO, shatter, wax, and crumble) or as THC-infused edibles—is that it’s still illegal to be in possession of it in the state of Texas! 

Take a trip and consume it while on vacation, but once you cross the Texas border, you will find yourself in trouble with the law. Anything you bring back with you that is not leafy marijuana is a criminal charge of felony drug possession.

If you shared those edibles or oil with friends, you can be charged with drug distribution

THC and Vape Pens

It’s not illegal to possess a vape pen but having a vape pen with THC oil in it, even a tiny bit of measurable residue is a felony. If you have one vape pen with THC in your possession you could face jail time of 6 months to 2 years. You could lose your right to vote or possess a firearm. If you have more than one vape pen, you could be looking at prison time. 

Your defense is going to hinge on two things: lab work and police procedure. The fact is, labs have a hard time quantifying the amount of THC in residue. They can’t always tell if a cartridge contained THC at all. It may have been CBD oil, which is legal. When it comes to the stop and search of vehicles by police or highway patrol the big question is, did they have reason and authority to conduct a traffic stop and search? If they failed to follow proper protocol, it’s illegal. 

Medical Marijuana Users Getting Caught in the Net

There are medically legitimate reasons for using THC. Unfortunately, even when there is a real medical need for THC, there are very limited legal avenues for its use. Texas law is struggling to keep up with the times. In the meantime, the highway patrol has been pulling over Texans on their way back from Oklahoma, and Colorado where they legally purchased medical marijuana. Otherwise law abiding citizens are facing charges. 

Get Immediate Legal Help for Charges for Possession or Distribution of THC

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