Criminal Defense Attorney Parker County

To the untrained eye, many criminal defense cases appear hopeless. Once someone has been charged, is there really any chance for a defense? At Lee and Wood, LP, we speak from experience when we say YES! Fight the charges against you! Call Lee and Wood, LP: 817-596-3866 and get an experienced Weatherford criminal defense lawyer by your side. 

Both of our attorneys have taken more than 100 cases to a jury trial. We’re comfortable in the courtroom whether the case is Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or murder.

  • Attorney Chad Lee is a former prosecutor, now defense attorney. He understands how the prosecution works and he uses that knowledge to build a strong defense for clients. 
  • Attorney Jerry Wood has more than 35 years of experience handling criminal law cases in and out of court. He has a real heart for the average small-town Texan who winds up in trouble with the law.  

If you’re facing criminal charges in Parker County, choose a law firm that focuses exclusively on criminal law. Contact Lee and Wood, LP. We provide our clients with a strong defense in every case. 

Defense Against All Charges in Parker County Criminal Courts

If you or your underage son or daughter has been charged with a crime in Parker County, there is a lot on the line. Depending on the offense, you could be facing heavy fines, loss of your drivers’ license, years of probation, sex offender registration, and loss of your liberty with jail or prison time. 

It’s never been more important to choose a lawyer who knows how to fight for you. Our law firm defends clients against every kind of criminal charge in state courts, appeals courts, and juvenile courts in Parker County Court, including County Courts of Law, the 43rd District Court, and the 415th District Court, all in Weatherford, TX.

Juvenile Criminal Cases

People under 17 who have been charged with a crime will most often be diverted into the juvenile justice system. Juvenile courts want to help your young person turn their life around and they have a focus on rehabilitation. But you need a lawyer to ensure your child gets the resources they need – and a strong defense if they are facing charges for drug crimes, vandalism, fighting (assault), or public intoxication

Drunk Driving

Many people get pulled over along Interstate 20, and highways 180, 171, 312, 199, and FM 1187, as well as on local roadways. We defend people against drunk driving charges, whether it’s your first DWI, a 2nd or 3rd DWI, or a DWI with complicating circumstances, like a Child in the Vehicle, or a concealed weapon in the vehicle.

Drug Crimes

THC oil and THC wax is the latest bogeyman for law enforcement. We’re seeing people searched because they have a vape pen and charged with drug crimes if the police “find” THC residue (which is very difficult to detect). We defend clients charged with drug possession, drug sales, and drug distribution for opioids, prescription drugs, and all other legal and illegal drugs.

We defend people on these and other criminal charges:

Fighting Criminal Charges in Parker County, TX

Although we are located in Fort Worth, we defend people in every community in Parker County, including Weatherford, Aledo, Reno, Springtown, Willow Park, Annetta, Azle, Cool, Brock Junction, and Millsap communities.

Why do people from Parker County choose Lee and Wood? They trust us to aggressively defend them in court. They want experience on their side. And some of our clients want a little distance between their criminal matter and their hometown, especially if they live in a small rural community. 

We’ll do everything we can to help you through this difficult time. Contact Lee and Wood, LP, for a free, confidential consultation. Call 817-678-6771 or complete our online contact form to schedule an appointment.