Texas Pretrial Diversion Programs: Know Your Options

Did you know that going to trial is not your only option? There are many ways to have your criminal case dismissed without taking matters to court. As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we are familiar with Texas courts’ pretrial diversion programs and often pursue them as an option to help protect our clients’ freedom and futures.

What Is a Pretrial Diversion Program?

Pretrial diversion programs are offered through Texas state courts for some qualifying offenders. They recognize that many people encounter the legal system accidentally and only once in their lifetimes. They help people put criminal trouble behind them by offering court supervision instead of prosecution.

When the requirements of the pretrial diversion program are met, your case is dismissed and your record can be expunged. Your experience with the law won’t hold you back because, when employers or school officials search for your criminal history, they won’t find one.

Not everyone qualifies, however. The specific details change frequently and vary from county to county, so you’ll need to talk with us about your situation.

Diversion Program Eligibility Requirements

Generally, to be eligible for a pretrial diversion program, you must meet certain or be willing to do things like:

  • You must have no prior arrests.
  • You must admit guilt and accept responsibility for the offense.
  • You’ll need to report monthly to a probation officer, and you’ll likely be charged a monthly supervision fee.
  • You must be employed or enrolled in an accredited school.
  • You must commit no new offenses while enrolled.
  • You must commit no new offenses such as drug possession or theft.

Many Offenses Qualify. Talk With Us About Your Situation.

Many different offenses qualify for pretrial diversion programs, from some assault offenses to DWI, drug offenses, criminal mischief and criminal trespass. Ask the attorneys at Lee & Wood if you might be eligible.

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