If You’ve Been Charged With Public Intoxication Near Fort Worth

Nobody ever plans a night on the town intending to get charged with public intoxication. The truth is that it’s almost always the result of unanticipated events, things getting carried away or even false accusations.

At Lee & Wood we often talk with people who were charged with public intoxication in the Weatherford, Cleburne, Granbury, Burleson, and Fort Worth metro area. We tell them that they are not alone—that we can be there with them throughout the entire process to put the past behind them.

We Help College Students Fighting Public Intoxication Charges

College students face public intoxication charges almost more than anyone else. Many of our clients are students at colleges and universities like TCU, Weatherford College, Tarrant County College, Texas A&M and Southern Methodist University. They worry about the effects of a public intoxication arrest. They often ask us:

  • Will my parents find out? When you hire our law firm, we represent you—not your parents. With a few limited exceptions (like an emergency that might cause you or someone else immediate harm), the things you tell us are confidential between attorney and client. We will not call your parents.
  • Will this keep you from graduating and getting a good job? Each case is different, and we can’t promise results. However, it is possible to resolve the matter and put it behind you. Many people are charged with public intoxication–especially when they are young– and go on to lead successful lives after the charges are dropped or expunged. The world is not ending, although it may feel like it.

If You’ve Been Accused, You Need a Lawyer. Call Us Today.

It is possible to put public intoxication charges in the past. But, to do so, you must take them seriously. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner your make the call, the sooner your attorney can begin protecting your rights and acting on your behalf.

Call Lee & Wood at 817-678-6771. You can also contact us online. Consultations are free and confidential, and there is no obligation to retain us if you believe we’re not a good fit for you. While we are based in Fort Worth, we often serve clients in and around the Fort Worth Metro including cities in Parker, Johnson, Hood, and Tarrant counties.