Texas Criminal Defense Attorneys for Theft Crimes

In Texas theft charges, the seriousness of the offense is based on the dollar value of the items allegedly stolen. Shoplifting from a convenience store might be considered a misdemeanor, while theft of multiple luxury items might be charged as a felony.

At the criminal defense law firm, Lee & Wood we represent people who are accused of theft in many different situations—from teenagers accused of shoplifting at the mall or adults accused of grand theft auto. We are well-equipped to handle even the most serious offenses, and we don’t turn people away.

If You’ve Been Accused of Theft, Here’s What You Should Know

Theft crimes are treated differently than most other crimes. They are considered by the legal system to be “crimes of moral turpitude,” forever labelling those convicted as people who cannot be trusted to be moral and honest.

A criminal record that includes a conviction for a theft crime can mean countless lost opportunities. You simply cannot be licensed in the state of Texas for most professions, including as a doctor, lawyer, hairstylist or electrician. If you have a professional license or plan to get one, you must do everything possible to fight the charges.

So, What Can You Do?

If you have been accused of theft, take the matter seriously. You must hire an experienced attorney who can take aggressive action to fight the charges—someone who will not hesitate to take the matter to trial, if it’s necessary to protect your record.

We have extensive experience in criminal law, from both a prosecutor’s and a criminal defense prospective. We know the strategies that work to beat theft charges, and we will do what it takes within the bounds of the law to achieve the best possible results.

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