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What to Do if Your Child Is Arrested for Drug Possession

What to Do if Your Child Is Arrested for Drug Possession in Texas

Most parents don’t expect to get a call from the police about their child. And hearing that your child has been arrested for drug possession can be especially distressing. Even though it’s an overwhelming situation, it’s essential to know what to do next so you can help your child.

What Is Drug Possession in Texas?

Drug possession in Texas is defined as having the custody, care or control of an illegal substance. Even if your child says that the drugs don’t belong to them and they were holding them for someone else, your child is still breaking the law.

If your child is under 17, they may be charged as a juvenile. Penalties for drug possession range from Class C misdemeanors to first-class felonies, depending on the type and amount of illegal substance the person possessed.

Take These Steps

Stay as Calm as Possible

Your child being charged with drug possession is a tough situation, and you may feel a range of emotions. Know that it’s okay to feel anger, disappointment, fear and panic. However, it’s critical to keep calm. Very soon, you’ll need to think clearly enough and focus on the next steps.

Reach Out to an Attorney

Your child shouldn’t talk to the police without legal counsel, so you should reach out to an attorney right away. Speak to a criminal defense lawyer who is experienced with the Texas juvenile system and will take time to learn about the unique circumstances surrounding your child’s case.

They’ll assess your case, help you understand the charges and guide you through the legal process. Your lawyer can also look at getting the drug possession charges reduced or dismissed for your child, depending on your situation. They can also help you understand the Texas Juvenile Justice system so you can feel better prepared.

Don’t delay getting legal counsel. The sooner you connect with an attorney, the sooner they can review police reports, talk to you and your child and examine the details of your child’s case, allowing them to put together a proper defense.

Don’t Allow Police Searches

If the police show up without a warrant and want to search your home or vehicle, you have the right to refuse. You may worry about appearing uncooperative, especially if you believe there aren’t any drugs to locate.

However, if the police do uncover drugs during their search, even if you didn’t know about them, they could potentially seize your property.

Is Your Child Charged With Drug Possession? We Can Help

Drug possession charges can be complex and overwhelming, so don’t try to navigate this situation on your own. The Fort Worth attorneys at Lee & Wood, LP. are experienced in the juvenile court system and can help you understand your child’s case and options.

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